Training of teachers STEM disciplines to work with students in distance education

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Author(s): Ihor Voitovych, Natalia Pavlova, Oksana Voitovych, Roman Horbatiuk, Kateryna Dubych (Muzychuk), Vasyl Kovalchuk, and Ivan Prylepa

To cite this article: Voitovych, I., Pavlova, N., Voitovych, O., Horbatiuk, R., Dubych (Muzychuk), K., Kovalchuk, V, and Prylepa, I. (2023). Training of teachers STEM disciplines to work with students in distance education, Inequality, Informational Warfare, Fakes and Self-Regulation in Education and Upbringing of Youth, Youth Voice Journal Vol. I, pp. 103-112.
ISBN (ONLINE): 978-1-911634-78-2



There are scientific methods was used, such as: analysis, synthesis, systematization and generalization of information; comparative analysis of the level of professional readiness of teachers in the conditions of modern education. The issue of forming the readiness of teachers to teach disciplines in the conditions of introduction of distance learning in higher education institutions has become especially relevant. In order to training teachers for work in the distance education system, we have developed and implemented training “Creating distance learning courses on the Moodle platform” on the organization of work in the distance education system, which is selected in the institution. It was found out that for the successful implementation of distance learning in the educational process of educational institutions it is necessary to provide training for teachers for the quality implementation of the principles of distance learning, to develop teachers’ skills to use various forms of learning.

Keywords: distance education, teachers, training

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