Web 2.0 Tools Handbook

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This Web2.0 Tools Handbook has been produced in the context of the Erasmus+ funded project “The Use of Web2.0 and Asynchronous Education Tools in Distance Education (TiDE)”

Grant Agreement 2020-1-UK01-KA226-SCH-094537

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This Web2.0 Tools Handbook is the ultimate pride and the first tangible output of the TiDE project. It has been put together to highlight the importance of using web2.0 tools in education and inform thoroughly on the most used and applied web2.0 tools. The Handbook includes general information about Web2.0 and 20 of the Web2.0 tools selected from topics such as 3D, questionnaire, animation, barcode, puzzle, e-book, photograph and picture, story, concept map, caricature, math and online exam will take. On top of general information, the handbook also provides information about how these should be used in the distance education process, advantages and disadvantages to be taken into account. TiDE used the power of 7 organisations from the UK, Turkey, Lithuania, Slovenia, Italy and Portugal, to form a strategic partnership, who will come up with useful and practical Handbooks that can provide a quality and efficient education in distance education, make teachers and students active and inform them effectively about the use of different web 2.0 and asynchronous education tools. More precisely, in this Handbook you explore how to use a wide range of Web 2.0 technologies in your teaching.

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