Young people’s attitudes towards the 2019 Novel Coronavirus disease: Evidence from the Philippines

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Author: Zaldy C. Collado, Renan M. Kasilag, Dionimar B. Banaria, Noella May-i G. Orozco, & Angeli Ann S. Rescober

To cite this article: Collado, Z. C., Kasilag, R. M., Banaria, D. B. Orozco, N. M., & Rescober, A. (2021). “Young people’s attitudes on novel coronavirus disease:  Evidence from the Philippines” , Youth Voice Journal, ISSN (online): 2969.

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The article examined the attitudes of young people as they currently tread the threats of CoVID-19, which is at this time considered a pandemic and has sparked serious concern worldwide. Because of ensuing reports about a number of seemingly unalarmed young adults in other parts of the international community, we wonder if the same reckless behavior is displayed across our regions. Our purpose is to ascertain whether young adults actually play a part in containing the disease. Using online gathering technique, we are able to obtain data among 1,512 young and single/unmarried respondents who came from the National Capital Region (NCR) and CALABARZON region in the Philippines. Our results reveal that while young adults assume a degree of invincibility at the onset, we found out that they are actually deeply worried of their vulnerability to the disease on a more personal level. Most importantly, our findings suggest that most young adults play a role in halting the spread of the disease through both online and offline activities. We recommend that, in order to shatter myths surrounding age-based disease invincibility, most especially in times of pandemic, authorities should deploy timely communication strategies that immediately appeal to the sensitivities of those who appear unconcerned.

Keywords: Young people, Covid-19, Novel coronavirus disease, Filipino youth, Pandemic


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