Youth Employment across Industrial Categories in India during the Neoliberal Paradigm

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Author(s): Nitin Bisht and Falguni Pattanaik

To cite this article: Bisht, N., and Pattaniak, F. (2023). Youth Employment across Industrial Categories in India during the Neoliberal Paradigm, Youth Voice Journal, ISSN (online): 2056-2969

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Purpose: This study attempts to address the transition of youth in the Indian labour market by identifying the relative contribution of socio-economic characteristics in defining the employment of youth in the manufacturing sector.

Design/methodology/approach: The study uses National Sample Survey data on employment and unemployment of the 50th round (1993/94), 55th round (1999/00), 61st round (2004/05), 68th round (2011/12), and Periodic Labour Force Survey (2017/18 and 2018/19) to address the paradigm shift (trend analysis) and push and pull role of socio-economic characteristics (logistic regression) in defining the trajectory of youth employment across industries in the neoliberal regime of India.

Findings: While considering the probability of youth employment in the manufacturing sector, a lower likelihood of employment prevails among the younger generation with background characteristics as age group 25-29, female, rural and central region, graduation & above, no technical education and no vocational training.

Social Implications: This study contributes by identifying the plausible industry arenas, which served as significant mode of employment for youth in India.

Originality/value: The study identifies and presents an in-depth analysis of youth transition in the Indian labour market across the industrial sector during the neoliberal regime.

Keywords- Employment; Industries; Manufacturing; Neoliberal; Youth

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