Youth Perception towards Online Shopping

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Author(s): Anu Dandona

To cite this article: Dandona, A. (2021). “Youth Perception towards Online Shopping”, Youth Voice Journal, ISSN (online): 2969.

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Purpose:This research is aimed at contributing to the knowledge on the factors influencing online youngcustomers’ purchasing intention.

Design/methodology/approach: The target-sampling respondents were 160 youths aged 16-23 years, with Internet competency. Data was collected with the help of questionnaire constructed by Thananuraksakul, S. (2007). It consisted of 24 questions for desired consequences, subjective norm, attitude towards online shopping, and perceived behavioral control which used a 7 point Likert scale. The researcher has adopted purposive sampling technique to gather the data. The data was analyzed using the correlation technique and single multiple regression.

Findings: The findings revealed that convenience, subjective norm, attitude towards online shopping and perceived behavioral control are the factors relevant and influence youth online shoppers’ purchasing intentions. The most important factor is attitude towards online shopping of the respondents. When the shoppers have positive attitude towards online shopping, they have an intention to purchase products online.

Social implications: Since the youth have easy accessibility to online shopping, they are exposed to a wide range of products and can buy things they want at reasonable prices. They are not only purchasing online for themselves but also influencing the elder generation to change their way of shopping.

Originality/value: This is a relevant topic considering that in today’s time online shopping is gaining popularity among youths. This research is contributing knowledge on young customer’s purchasing intentions towards online shopping. The results of this study can benefit corporate sector for their business, marketers, web designers, customers who can apply for it.

Keywords: Youths, Customer Perception, online shopping, Consumer behavior, Websites, Applications.

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