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RJ4All Publications has always aspired to be a leader in creating new knowledge and forming public and expert opinion on matters involving youth, justice and equality. When Dr. Theo Gavrielides founded the Youth Voice Journal (YVJ) in 2009, his aim was to create a space that allowed academics and young people to publish their research on a peer-reviewed platform in the hopes that this collection of evidence-based research changes the way we view matters that affect us all. In just the first three months in 2018 and with the support of a new Content Editor, Hanin Khaddour, we have done more work on the YVJ and received more manuscripts than ever before.

Today we are extremely excited to launch the first 2018 Special Issue, with Special Guest editor Dr Jason Schaub from Birmingham University, titled Sexual Orientation and Young People. This release highlights the journey that young people face while dealing with LGBT+ issues.

Table of Content


Schaub, J. (2018) “LGBT Young People’s Lives: Challenging but improving”, Vol: 8, Youth Voice Journal, page 8-12 Online ISSN: 2056-2969.

Alexander, J. (2018) “You’re so different that your difference is you”, Vol: 8, Youth Voice Journal, page 14-31 Online ISSN: 2056-2969

De-Chants, J. et al. (2018) “Beyond the Tipping Point: Modifying the Five C’s to Empower Transgender and Gender Expansive Youth”, Vol: 8, Youth Voice Journal, page 33-45 Online ISSN: 2056-2969.

Perger, N. (2018) “When young LGBTIQ+ people speak up: “We are here!”, Vol: 8, Youth Voice Journal, page 47-59 Online ISSN: 2056-2969


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