YVJ Published 2017 – Volume 7

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‘Love Myself’: Parental expectations, resettlement and stress coping of young Burmese women from refugee background
Lee Koh, Juyeon Kim, Rae Walker & Pranee Liamputtong
‘When you wear that jersey you feel like a family’: Community participation, social capital and the settlement of young refugees in regional Australia
Lisa Maree Joyce & Pranee Liamputtong
Stigma, social attitudes and social connections: The lived experience of young Middle-Eastern refugees in Melbourne
Hala Kurban & Pranee Liamputtong
Article Investigating the process of juvenile delinquency in Durban, South Africa: Insights from the Capability Approach Laura Van Raemdonck & Mariam Seedat Khan
Young Alawi in Syria: main values & identity
Tanja Dibou
Early Childhood Education Students’ Perspectives on the Greek Economic Crisis
Vasiliki Brouskeli & Evagelia Loumakou
Relationship journeys of young people who run away
Jane Thompson & Dan Moxon
Aging-Out of Foster Care: Examining Outcomes through Social Learning and Narratives
Matthew M. Le Claire & Jennifer L. Lanterman
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