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Youth Participation in Spanish Urban Periphery: Its Concept, Spheres and Conditioning Factors
Ana Belén Cano Hila, Marta Sabariego Puig & Antoni Ruiz Bueno
Psychological, Emotional and Social Wellbeing and Volunteering: A Study on Italian and Ukrainian University Students
Eduard Balashov, Ihor Pasichnyk, Ruslana Kalamazh, Taras Dovhaliuk & Elvira Cicognani
Do school sports deter or facilitate juvenile delinquency? A multi-method study
Lurdes Veríssimo, Hugo Carvalho, Mónica Soares & Raquel Matos
Article Assessment of Reasons for Poor Academic Performance of African Female Students in Accounting Studies at University of Zululand (UNIZULU) Ankur Ratnam Tewari
On the pathway to suicide: suicidal ideation in young people in Karachi, Pakistan
Ehsan U. Syed, Nargis Asad, Murad M Khan, Mohammad Zaman and Shahina Pirani
Reintegration challenges of youth who were diverted into a residential sex offenders’ programme in South Africa
Thulane Gxubane
Findings from 2017 anthropometry and nutrition survey of youths (18-35 years) resident in UAE
Niyi Awofeso, Zahour Al Haj Rabih, Fatima Al Odaini, Amina Abdulrazzaq, Maram Youssef, Mohammed Guleid, Abdul Rahman Al-Maflehi, and Moyosola Bamidele
Young Refugees as Peer Mentors to European Foster Children: A Suggestion for Integration
Daphne Catherine Spyropoulos
Contextualizing the Black Male experience within Education and its Socio-Cultural Impact
Gerry L. Small and Adrian Worrell
Hong Kong youth identity and self-presentation in the New Territories: A qualitative study on letters from youth and teachers to an NGO internship program
Robert W Spires
Engaging University Students for Community Development Initiatives
Sunday Olawale Olaniran
Addressing Youth Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Prospects Sourcing Micro-finance in the Caribbean Economy
Paul Pounder
Engaging Young Europeans: Discourse on Youth Participation Within The EU Structured Dialogue
Marinko Banjac
A Correlational Study of the Relationship between Risk Factors and Gun-Related Delinquency among Urban Female Adolescents
Zina T. McGee, Brandy Richeson, Mollie Ducoste, Carileigh Jones and Tandeka Nunn
Special Issue
Youth Voice Journal Special Issue: Sexual Orientation and Young People
Special Guest Editor Jason Schaub
Article LGBT Young People’s Lives: Challenging but improving  Jason Schaub
When young LGBTIQ+ people speak up: “We are here!”
Nina Perger
“You’re so different that your difference is you”
James Alexander
Beyond the Tipping Point: Modifying the Five C’s to Empower Transgender and Gender Expansive Youth
Jonah De Chants, Heather Kennedy, Yoli Anyon
Roses, Cracks and Concrete: Black Canadian Males and Politics of “Marketability”
Gerry L. Small & Adrian Worrell
Addressing Youth Unemployment in the Balkans, With a Reference to Young Carers
Daniel Linotte
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