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SI 11 Vol 2Special Issue Vol 2: Value Orientations of Modern Youth in Challenging TimesGuest Editor: Oksana Chigisheva04.01.23
SI 11Young people’s “image of the world” in the transitive society: opportunities for narrative analysis of subject’s interaction with othersValeriya Alperovich04.01.23
SI 11The Vicious Loop of Body Shaming and Self-Projection: An Explorative Study of Indian Young People Aged 20-30 Years OldAishwarya Cherian, and Sonali Mukherjee04.01.23
SI 11Modern professional linguistic education in Russia: conceptual components and axiological orientationsNatalia D. Galskova, Marina N. Levchenko, Veronika P. Shabanova, Nina A. Skitina, Irina A. Krasnova04.01.23
SI 11Evaluation of the effectiveness of state and university support measures in capacity building of early-career researchers at the regional universities in the Republic of KazakhstanGulzhana Kuzembayeva, Bauyrzhan Tashmukhambetov, Zhumagul Maydangalieva, Diana Spulber, Tamara I. Zelenina, and Olga V. Toikina04.01.23
SI 11Public Spaces for Youth in the New Infrastructure of Modern CitiesValentina A. Sushko, and  Natalia G. Dekhanova04.01.23
SI 11An Exploration of Student- Centred Approaches and Experiential Learning Strategies for a Youth- Based InitiativeMorakinyo Akintolu, Moeketsi Letseka, and Ntandokamenzi P. Dlamini04.01.23
SI 11Modern youth education for social and economic development of the ArcticTatiana Skufina, Vera Samarina, Tatiana Skufina, and  Aleksandr Samarin04.01.23
SI 11The four sets of values that have to be in alignment in shaping a desirable approach to citizenship educationCharl C. Wolhuter and Johannes L. van der Walt04.01.23
EditorialEditorial: Value Orientations Of Modern Youth In Challenging TimesGuest Editor: Oksana Chigisheva04.01.23
SI 11 Vol 1Special Issue (Vol 1): Value Orientations Of Modern Youth In Challenging TimesGuest Editor: Oksana Chigisheva04.01.23
SI 11Ethical values of researchers: bibliographic analysis of current trendsOksana Chigisheva, Elena Soltovets, Anna Dmitrova, Diana Spulber, Denis Dubover,  and Lyudmila G. Karandeeva04.01.23
SI 11Examining the Impact of Impostor Phenomenon on Psychological Well-Being and Perceived Social Support among Graduate StudentsSaumya Narain and Sonali Mukherjee04.01.23
SI 11Professional and personal education of future teachers: from the conflict of values to identity formation with professional ethos
Olga S. Vtyurina, Andrey Yu. Asriev, Tatiana Yu. Alekseeva, Olga S. Vtyurina, Veronica V. Lorenz, Tatiana Yu. Udalova04.01.23
SI 11Transformation of undergraduate students’ perceptions of education and its value during COVID-19 pandemic: psycholinguistic studyZhumagul Maydangalieva, Gulzhana Kuzembayeva, Aizhan Miraliyeva, Tamara I. Zelenina, Olga V. Toikina04.01.23
SI 11Raising awareness of young people’s values in the youth work practice and studiesAndu Rämmer, Anne Kivimäe, Kaur Kötsi,
Maria Žuravljova
SI 11Challenging Times: Global societal trends and the imperatives thereof for value orientations and value education of the youthCharl C. Wolhuter04.01.23
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