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ArticleLife after Incarceration: An Exploration of Youth’s Resilience, Self-Efficacy and Future OrientationMercedes Pratt, Harrison D. Angoff & Carolyn Tompsett03/06/21
Article‘Covid has created some other opportunities’: Cautious optimism among young African graduates navigating life in a time of pandemicAlude Mahali, Sharlene Swartz & Angelina Wilson Fadiji03/06/2021
Article Exploring the lived experiences of indigenous college students in the Philippines using Photovoice: Challenges and opportunities for supporting indigenous youth’s well-beingArlan E. dela Cruz01/06/2021
ArticleCreating Experiential Value through Technology Enabled Service Encounters in the Hotel IndustryRitu Narang & Ankita Jaiswal27/05/2021
ArticleThe Forming of First-Time Voters’ Political Preference in IndonesiaSukri., Ariana Yunus & Dian Ekawaty27/05/2021
ArticleYouth Perception towards Online ShoppingAnu Dandona30/04/2021
ArticleGiving Youth a Voice: A systematic literature Review of Young People’s perceptions of the Justice systemAnta Niang, Victor Fernandes, Natacha Brunelle and Martin Goyettte30/04/2021
ArticleExpectations of Emerging Adults about Conjugality and ParenthoodMargarida Amaro Ferreira and Susana Costa-Ramalh30/04/2021
ArticleAn Analytical Study on the Causes of Delinquent Behavior Among Adolescents in Tehsil Okara, Punjab, PakistanQudrat Ullah and Muhammad Sami Ullah Khan20/04/2021
ArticleAcademic Experiences as Determinants of Anxiety and Depression of Filipino College Students in Metro ManilaRowalt Alibudbud15/04/2021
ArticleAbrupt Transition from Offline to Online Learning during COVID-19: Perceptions, Motives & Experiences of Higher Education
Ritu Narang, Selma Iipinge, & Sonal Tiwari31/03/2021
ArticleBetween motivation and unwillingness: Young people in outpatient treatment for substance use problemsMartin Hugo, Mats Anderberg, & Mikael Dahlberg30/03/2021
ArticleEstablishing the Effectiveness of Intervention Module on Positive Youth Development among Adolescent in IndiaRidhima Shukla & Sneha Saha19/03/2021
ArticleCOVID-19 and Youth: Uncertainty, Stress, AnxietySubekshya Ghimire & Jeevan Khanal19/03/2021
ArticleA youth narrative view of inter-generational trauma and a call for somatic healingLucille Meyer & Rajendra Chetty18/03/2021
Book ReviewBriggs, D. (2021). Climate Changed: Refugee Border Stories and the Business of MiseryHoward Williamson01/03/2021
SIV4Young People in EditorialEduard Balashov25/02/2021
SIV4Psychological peculiarities of the motivation and value students’
commitments at different vocational training stages
Natalia Kostruba, Oksana Fishchuk, & Tamara Duchyminska25/02/2021
SIV4The Code of Ethics in Young Pre-Service Special Educators TrainingAndrii Shevtsov & Nataliia Nykonenko25/02/2021
SIV4Individual Psychological Characteristics of Teachers as a Factor of the Illusion of Knowledge of Student YouthOlha Tkachuk & Ihor Pasichnyk25/02/2021
SIV4Opportunities for Young People to Study in Theological Education
Institutions of Ukraine
Petro Kraliuk, Tetiana Sydoruk, & Iryna Tymeichuk25/02/2021
SIV4New Norm(al):
Computer-Mediated Communication on the Learning of Home School Learners
Nicole Ann B. Ureta, Aivan Denzel U. Episcope & Glenn Irwin C. Reynon25/02/2021
SIV4Special issue (complete): young people in education volume 4Guest Editor: Eduard Balashov25/02/2021
ArticleYoung people’s attitudes towards the 2019 Novel Coronavirus disease: Evidence from the PhilippinesZaldy C. Collado, Renan M. Kasilag, Dionimar B. Banaria, Noella May-i G. Orozco, & Angeli Ann S. Rescober24/02/2021
ArticlePeculiarities of professional culture development in modern youth in UkraineIryna Hrytsiuk, Lyudmyla Magdysyuk, Maria Zamelyuk, & Iryna Podoliak22/02/2021
SIV3Young People in Education (Editorial)Eduard Balashov18/02/21
SIV3The role of Media and Professional Information and Communication
Environment in the Formation of Social Activity of a Young University
Iwona Blaszczak, Svitlana Loboda, Yuriy Plyska18/02/21
SIV3The Role of Sanogenic and Critical Thinking in Preventing the
Emotional Burnout of Young Primary School Teachers
Halyna Handzilevska, Viktoriia Kalamazh, Olena Ratinska, Оleh Khmiliar18/02/21
SIV3Transforming the Ivy League: Undocumented Latinx Students
Leveraging Academic Identities and Personal Political Self-Efficacy to
Lead Institutional Change at Elite Private Colleges
Gloria Itzel Montiel18/02/21
SIV3Features of the role victim behavior of orphans in the system of higher
Stepan Stanibula18/02/21
SIV3Theoretical expectations of youth involvement in university
Sokhna A. Rosalie Ndiaye18/02/21
SIV3Special Issue: Young People in Education | complete Vol 3Guest editor: Eduard Balashov18/02/21
SI V2Young People in Education (Editorial): Volume 2Eduard Balashov11/02/2021
SI V2Student’s Rights For Safe Living And Studying Environment In Pandemic ConditionsTetiana Blashchuk, Olha Balatska, Yaroslava Orlovska11/02/2021
SI V2Electoral Participation And National Identity Of Ukrainian Youth:
Searching For Common Ground
Oksana Balashova, Volodymyr Savchuk11/02/2021
SI V2Creative Discourse Of Educational Practices: Student Youth Of Arts
And Culture Professions
Olha Kopiyevska11/02/2021
SI V2Youth Civic Education: Global Trends And The Ukrainian CaseDmytro Shevchuk,Tetiana Matusevych, Larysa Kolesnyk11/02/2021
SI V2Enhancing Psychology Students’ Ability Of Problem-Solving Through Design ThinkingUliana Nikitchuk, Viktoriia Kalamazh11/02/2021
SI V2Psychodiagnostic Of Individual Perceptions Of Marriage And Family
Relationships In Modern Youth
Valentyn Mushkevych, Myroslava Mushkevych, Raisa Fedorenko, Oleksandra Khlivna11/02/2021
SI V2Special Issue: Young People in Education | completeGuest Editor: Eduard Balashov11/02/2021
ArticlePolitical Participation of Macaronesian Youth Before the 2020 Pandemic: The Case of Las Palmas De Gran CanariaJosué Gutierrez-Barroso, Alberto Javier Báez-García & Esther Torrado Martín-Palomino10/02/2021
ArticleDemocratic Governance and Youth Participation: Perspectives from NigeriaFelix Ikalewumi & Sunday Olawale Olaniran10/02/2021
ArticleDrivers and Experiences of Unemployed Youth Graduates in EthiopiaTaye Dida05/02/2021
ArticleOvercoming Age Stereotype against Young Employees through People Skills InterventionsMitashree Tripathy & Kunta Likitha05/02/2021
ArticleInternet Addiction, Self-Esteem and Perceived Emotional Support Among Senior School and College StudentsVandana Mishra and Dr Pragyan Dangwal03/02/2021
SI V1Special Issue “Young People in Education” Volume 1 | EditorialEduard Balashov02/02/2021
SI V1Special Issue “Young People in Education” Volume 1Guest Editor : Eduard Balashov02/02/2021
SI V1Young Ambassadors of Ukraine: Ukrainian International StudentsAlla Atamanenko, Oksana Sakhniuk, & Viktor Atamanenko02/02/2021
SI V1The knowledge about symptoms and its genesis as a factor for the development of psychosomatic disorders in youthAnna Hilman, Nataliia Kulesha02/02/2021
SI V1Structural and Component Structure of Pedagogical Abilities of Young Teachers from the Signs of SuccessOksana Matlasevych, Eduard Balashov, Ihor Pasichnyk, & Ruslana Kalamazh02/02/2021
SI V1Information and communication technologies as a means of forming the communicative competence of young teachers of foreign languages at the universitySergii Galetskyi, Oksana Turzhanska, & Tetiana Galetska02/02/2021
SI V1A Performative Perspective on Online Learning of Students in Higher EducationMaksym Karpovets & Khrystyna Karpovets02/02/2021
SI V1Participation of Young People in Public and Political Life of UkraineAnatoliy Khudoliy02/02/2021
Article Informative or Creating a Sex Society? Implementation of Sex Education at Primary Schools in South Africa: Youth Perspectives.Thulani Andrew Chauke & Khashane Stephen Malatji29/01/2021
ArticleRadicalization Among Adolescents and Young Adults in BelgiumAnton Vereshchagin, Emilie Schmits, & Fabienne Glowacz 05/01/2021

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