Review of ‘Theo Gavrielides, Editor (2012) ‘Rights & Restoration within Youth Justice’

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If policymakers have the objective of bettering justice responses for young people, then Theo Gavrielides’ (2012) edited volume, Rights & Restoration within Youth Justice is a must read.  It makes an important contribution to youth justice.  1) It bridges a growing divide between evidence-based research and practice; 2) It promotes a participatory framework for doing democracy that necessitates youth voice; 3) It allows for complex issues – serious crimes, like domestic violence – to be responded to in complex – imaginative yet careful – ways.  Gavrielides does all this by judiciously connecting the disciplines of restorative justice and human rights.  The key question of the book is: how can these two fields work collaboratively to accomplish the above goal?  Contributors are a blend of scholars, policymakers, and practitioners.

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