Jennifer Job and Lena Khader (2016) “Safe Spaces From a Materialist Feminist Standpoint: The Methods of Making HERstory”

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Categories: Paper, Youth Voice Journal


In an increasingly standardized education system, spaces for critical explorations of societal norms are difficult to find.  Perspectives of students of color are marginalized in favor of dominant narratives. Provocative and diverse epistemologies are continually pushed to the fringes and underground. However, this does not mean these knowledges have disappeared. This article discusses data from a study of Making HERstory, a youth empowerment program for women of color aged 14-19 and their allies, in a southern state located in the United States. This essay utilizes materialist feminism theory to describe how the Making HERstory workshop—in its contradiction of traditional educational norms—provides a unique method for creating a safe space for girls of color and allies to develop their critical consciousness.

Keywords: youth empowerment, feminist, youth groups, safe spaces

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