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Type Title AuthorDate
ArticleMaking Criminal Trials Work in Transitional Settings: Combining Retributive and Restorative Justice to Overcome the Justice versus Peace DiJeremy Julian Sarkin, Inês Pereira Lopes26.12.23
– Issue 2 (Sep-Dec ’23) –
Type Title AuthorDate
ArticleRestorative Justice Principles in Ancient Sumerian Civilization: Learning from the Duality of Justice in the Ur-Nammu CodeMuhammad Rusydianta, Dr. Rohidin S.H. M.Ag15.08.23
ArticleHate Crimes from the Perspective of Restorative JusticeAdam Juras, Jakub Novák19.07.23
ArticleRestorative Justice and the Indian Legal System: Developments and ChallengesSangeetha Sriraam12.07.23
– Issue 1 (May-Aug ’23) –
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