Looking at Psychological Well-Being through the Lens of Identity among Adolescent Girls: An Exploration

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Authors: Shweta Ahirwar & Ridhima Shukla

To cite this article: Ahirwar, S. & Shukla, R. (2024) Looking at Psychological Well-Being through the Lens of Identity among Adolescent Girls: An Exploration, Youth Voice Journal, ISSN (online): 2056-2969.




Purpose: This research endeavours to delve into the intricate dimensions of adolescent girls’ psychological well-being and identity, aiming to shed light on their interplay and identify key predictors of psychological well-being. The study, conducted with a sample of adolescent girls, seeks to enrich our understanding of the multifaceted nature of their developmental experiences. Psychological well-being is attained by achieving a state of balance affected by both challenging and rewarding life events and a stable sense of identity.

Approach: The present research is an ex-post facto research falling in the area of quantitative research design. Data has been collected on 348 adolescents, purposely recruited from different schools of Delhi NCR. The age range of the respondents was 15 to 17 years.

Findings: The results reveal that psychological well-being is being predicted by identity processes among adolescent females. The different dimensions of identity processes are found to be explaining almost 19% variance in the regression model. Commitment has been found to have a β value of 0.197 (t= 3.511; p<.01), in-depth exploration has a β= 0.161 (t= 2.867; p<.01), and reconsideration of commitment has a β= 0.314 (t= 6.294; p<.01).

Value: By addressing the objectives of this research, valuable insights may be received by educators, mental health professionals, and policymakers to better support and enhance the well-being of adolescent girls through having a stable sense of identity.

Keywords: Adolescent, Psychological Well-being, identity processes

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