Youth Rights: Who Knows What? McCoubrey S.

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Young research assistants:
Ronan Deu, Rojda Erdemir Karene Friday, Peter Glaouris, Deandra Haynes,
Jeremey Henry, Sarah Hill, Jurrell Lewars, Iana Linton, Tifarah Linton, Phylica
Martin, Elias Martinez-Sorto, Kimberly de Nascimento, Tenisha Noel, Nicole
Onley, Matthew Prussky, Jacob Quenneville, Tessa Rosenberg-Pach, Fabio
Soares, Meesha Thomas, Mershall Torgov, Deschaun Vassell, Eric Walkowiak,
Matthew Wilson.

Categories: Paper, Youth Voice Journal


Twenty four youth researchers worked together with Sarah McCoubrey of the Ontario
Justice Education Network to investigate the level of legal knowledge of young people.
Focusing on five areas that affect youth, the Research Team asked questions about where
youth learn about their rights and who they trust to help them navigate these legal issues.
The researchers also prepared recommendations for local government, young people and
lawyers about how to address the gap between understanding legal rights, and the actual
protections available to youth.

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