Indian Youth Placement Industry In Light Of Covid19

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Author(s): Shweta Tiwari

To cite this article: Tiwari, S. (2023). Indian Youth Placement Industry In Light Of Covid19, Inequality, Informational Warfare, Fakes and Self-Regulation in Education and Upbringing of Youth, Youth Voice Journal Vol. III, pp. 7-13. ISBN (ONLINE): 978-1-911634-80-5



PURPOSE: The labour market around the world has been struck hard by the Covid19 pandemic. With a record number of daily Covid cases, deaths, back-toback lockdowns, and travel restrictions the Indian labour market is facing a substantial impact of the pandemic in every aspect. The extension of the pandemic wave has resulted in a worldwide economic crisis and the repercussions are visible in the employment process for not only the existing workforce but also for the students who are in their final year and are hoping to get placements post-pandemic. This study aims to analyze youth placements while responding to the aftermath caused by Covid 19.

DESIGN/METHODOLOGY/APPROACH: The research is analytical in nature and data is acquired through primary and secondary data with individual meetings, interviews, and questionnaires. Using relevant examples procured from secondary sources the paper summarizes recent literature, facts, and emerging trends from the existing literature and further presents various opportunities and trends associated with student placements post-Covid 19.

FINDINGS: This study reveals that academia along with the industry is putting hard efforts into its revival post-Covid 19 pandemic. Given the protracted nature of the pandemic, academia is working closely with industry to understand the new normal and the needs and requirements of potential employers to be able to accomplish the same through the academic world.

ORIGINALITY/VALUE: The research sought to address the real-life issues which are impacting student placement by using inputs from industry professionals, HR managers, placement in-charge, academicians, and other stakeholders on what strategies should be adopted to reduce the impact of Covid 19 on youth placement.

 Keywords: Covid 19, Pandemic, Education, Skills, Academia, Youth Placement, Revival, Recovery

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